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About Us


About Us

ARTof3L is a studio that brings the best interior designers in Moscow together under one roof. Committed to offering the best solutions there are, they participate in trade shows and fairs in constant pursuit of improving their skills. They are regular participants in annual design shows and mast classes. We closely follow the latest trends in the industry to use the best of them in projects we are entrusted with.

We happily offer our services for the following projects:

  • Design of residential and commercial interiors
  • Designer’s supervision on all stages of installation/construction
  • Furniture, light fixture, fabric shopping (decorations from Europe and the US)
  • Design and making of custom furniture and light fixtures
  • Construction and decoration

We try to realize the boldest and wildest ideas of our clients as much as possible, using the latest technology and only eco-friendly equipment of the highest quality.

ARTof3L Team

Elena Shmakova graduated from the Moscow State University of Land Use Planning with a degree in architecture. Yelena has been working as an architect since 1998 developing turnkey solutions from a scale model to construction. She has extensive experience, having worked on over 200 projects of varying complexity, including interior design for apartments and public spaces and architectural design for renovation projects and cottages in Moscow and other Russian cities, and Spain.

Elena Shmakova

Art Director

Lilia Glazova graduated from the Moscow State University. Lilia been working in management positions since 2007 overseeing over 100 top corporate accounts and projects of varying complexity; a regular attendee at international and Russian conferences.

Lilia Glazova



  • Luchshiye Interyery (Best Interiors)

    Luchshiye Interyery (Best Interiors)

    №100, September 2011 – an authoritative Russian magazine about the latest and most exclusive interiors designed in Russia and worldwide.

  • Krasivye Doma (Beautiful Homes)

    Krasivye Doma (Beautiful Homes)

    №1(134), January 2013 – the leading magazine of the namesake publishing house since 1997. Krasivye Doma is the perfect choice for both professionals and amateurs.

  • - a website for advertisements to sell, buy and rent real estate worldwide, offering a user-friendly search engine, articles on real estate, industry news and a platform to connect realtors with customers vice versa.

  • ELITE interior

    ELITE interior

    Edition №06. July 2015/112 Journal «ELITE. The area of the interior ``- Glossy magazine ``life-style category `` is an elite segment of the interior market.

  • ELITE interior

    ELITE interior

    Edition №06. July 2015/112 Journal «ELITE. The area of the interior ``- Glossy magazine ``life-style category `` is an elite segment of the interior market.

  • DOM& magazine

    DOM& magazine

    №5 / 2015 (August-September) DOM & amp; - Magazine about architecture, interior design and stylish solution for a comfortable lifestyle.




Neopolis Casa has been present in Russia since 2005. Over the years of successful operations, the company gained a reputation for high quality of its products, elegant designs and reasonable prices in its price range. The company has six stores in Moscow and has representation in other parts of the country through partners as well as participates in design projects and actively promotes its brand via other channels.

Neopolis Casa offers a range of about 11,000 products, expanding it on a regular basis with furniture and accessories made at factories across the world. Some of the brands in its catalog are exclusive offerings in Russia.

Neopolis Casa offers furniture and accessories in a variety of styles, including classical, art deco, modern and minimalism, with many items featuring a fusion of styles – eclecticism taken to the next level. The range of products offered by Neopolis Casa meets the needs of a middle-class clientele looking to create high-class living room, bedroom, dining room, den and other interiors.

T Interiors is an authorized dealer of leading global makers of furniture and light fixtures with a showroom in Moscow. Established in 1996, the company now works with over 400 top factories in Italy in Switzerland. T Interiors is a member of the Original Guaranteed program, meaning it offers only genuine items.

T Interiors has gained the trust and recognition of a number of top clients and architects worldwide, who have stayed loyal to the company for many years.

The items on display at the company’s showroom are changed every two weeks to allow potential clients to find what they are looking for.