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Interior Design



Interior design

This section explains our process and communication with clients.


Working drawings

After the first meeting with a client, a designer forms an idea of an interior. Having discussed the client’s wishes, the designer starts working on the design, as a result of which the client is presented with drawings of the future interior in color and perspective and with a furniture layout in the form of computer images or in watercolors. If necessary, several designs can be developed.


Design development

This stage requires several meetings with the client to finalize a lighting concept and layouts for electrical wiring and bathroom fixtures, and shop for materials, furniture and lighting fixtures. Simultaneously, the designer

As a result the client receives the complete portfolio of the necessary documentation, specifications and blueprints for the project.


Light Package includes:

  • Measurements;
  • Zoning and a layout for fixtures and furniture;
  • Layout for walls that need to be torn down/built with a list of materials and their specifications (if needed);
  • Layout for power and communication wiring;
  • Спецификация внутренних поверхностей стен, необходимые разрезы (как это выглядит?);
  • Ceiling layout with materials, lighting fixtures, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Flooring layout with materials;
  • Door layout;
  • Развертка стены ресепшн (как это выглядит? В квартирах тоже ресепшн есть?);
  • Door specifications;
  • Flooring specifications;
  • List of materials.